How to fix breast asymmetry?

Mild breast asymmetry can be corrected with breast implants

It seems that you have a slight asymmetry in terms of volume. It is hard to tell from the photos, but you may also have less rib curvature on your right side, giving you a slope to your chest wall.

Breast implants can help establish size symmetry and also be used to camouflage chest wall asymmetries.

If indeed you have a slight chest wall asymmetry, meaning in your case that the ribs are less curved or prominent on the right, then shaped implants are very good at hiding this.

If there is no chest wall asymmetry then both shaped and round will give a good result.

Before breast asymmetry correction

Shaped implants are relatively new, so look for a plastic surgeon who has several years experience using shaped implants. (Tracy Pfeifer, MD, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

Deflated breasts

Such as yours simply need volume from implants. If your skin laxity is marginal, you can expect aging with time and the probable need for a lift. If you’re wanting to give yourself the best chance at breast feeding, avoid the nipple incision. (Curtis Wong, MD, Redding Plastic Surgeon)

Improving Your Breast Shape

Scar Breast asymmetry  photo

If you were my patient I would really emphasizse to you that there is nothing “wrong” with your breasts. It is normal for breasts to have motion with gravity and the majority of women lack cleavage. If you are uncomfortable with your breasts, positive change is possible. The change might involve an augmentation with or without a breast lift. The exact plan would require an in person consultation. It is important that you feel comfortable with your body. (Mary Lee Peters, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Variation of normal can be improved by breast augmentation.

They appear to be slightly deflated which can be easily fixed by a small breast implant. (Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

What is Wrong with my Breasts?

Breast asymmetry fix with lift

There is nothing wrong with your breast. They are the genetic/anatomic appearance for you. Best to see IN PERSON a few boarded PSs in your city/area to fully understand your options for improvement via implant surgery and possible fat grafts. (Darryl J. Blinski, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

You are presenting to conditions in your breast one the mamaria hypotrophy and the other is a component of tunbular breast wich is shown in your second photo where we can appreciate a tubular shape , assymetry and a pesudoptosis, which is not visually present in the front picture, when you are lying on bed the apparence is that the contricted rings of the tuberous breast makes saggy and empty.

If you are comfortable with this apparence you should think in a breast augmentation and inner radiation of the breast with a certified doctor . This will change shape and volume , and you will love it (Cynthia Disla, MD, Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon)

Implants would likely result in considerable improvement to the appearance of your breasts

Breast asymmetry correct surgery

The principal problem appears to be lack of volume and could be greatly helped by placement of implants. there is also asymmmetry, but almost everyone has some and this is normal.

Implants will diminsh the asymmetrical appearance but not completely. (Bruce K. Barach, MD, Schenectady Plastic Surgeon)

Adding volume to restore youthful appearance of breasts

Your problem is just not enough breast volume to fill your breast envelope. A breast augmentation would fill up your breasts adding youthful volume. (Jeffrey Zwiren, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)