Mastopexy With 350cc Implants

Lift or just 350cc implants

An implant will add volume but it may not raise your nipples to any significant amount.

You may be a good candidate for just a circumareola lift as well. (Steven Wallach, MD, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

I vote for the mastopexy with augmentation. Without the lift, you will likely be disappointed with where your nipples sit and how low they are. (Amy T. Bandy, DO, FACS, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon)

Thanks for your inquiry and an excellent picture. I would reccomend a lift if you were my patient. (Vishnu Rumalla, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Breast augmentation – mommy makeover image

Placing implants with a 350cc volume will provide some lift to your nipples, but to achieve a prettier appearance to your breasts you would likely benefit from a lift. Based on your photos, you appear to have nipples that are below the lower fold of your breast and your nipples are asymmetric with your right nipple being slightly higher and more to the outside when compared to your left nipple.

Because your nipples are as low as they are, they will not be raised enough to position them over the center of the implant which is the generally desired position. Also, the nipple asymmetry will be magnified and appear worse after adding implant volume. By having a lift, the nipples can be centered over the implant and be ‘adjusted’ to have better symmetry. If you do not mind low nipple placement with a little asymmetry than you would be happy without a lift. It all depends on what you want to achieve. (Patty K. Young, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Breast augmentation – mommy makeover pictures

It appears from your photos that your nipple is below your fold. If you want your nipple to be centered on the breast mound you will need a lift. If you would be happy with the nipple below the center point and pointing down than a dual plane is a compromise. I would recommend a lift/augmentation. (Todd B. Koch, MD, Buffalo Plastic Surgeon)

The achieve the best size and shape and symmetry of your breasts, a lift and augmentaiton would likely be the best option. However, you would need to be see in consultation to determine if you are a good candidate. Good Luck. (David Shafer, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Lift with 350cc implants for best shape

Breast augmentation – mommy makeover photo

A “moderate” degree of ptosis (sag) particularly if the two breasts are different in shape will be amplified by implant placement, with poor results. Breast lift with a limited scar (Benelli) and implants can produce great shape and size control with predictable outcomes. (Mario Diana, MD, Plano Plastic Surgeon)

Do I need a breast lift?

Looking at your photos it appears that you have at least moderate degree of drooping, worse on the left side. You should have a breast lift along with your augmentation. I have often seen patients in my offfice after having undergone breast augmentations with large implants elsewhere, in the hope of avoiding a lifting only to be very disappointedwith their result. (George Lefkovits, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Mommy Makeover with breast augmentation and possible lift

Breast augmentation – mommy makeover scar photo

I reviewed your photos and I think that you will probably want to do a breast lift with the breast augmentation. The nipples are in a ‘low’ position in the forward image and seem to be below the “crease” (inframammary crease below the breast). Also the “areola” are a bit dilated and larger in diameter. IF this bothers you then you should absolutely do a lift at the same time. A breast implant does not “pick up” the nipples or lift the breast.

It also sometimes makes the areolae even more stretched and large in diameter. A 350 cc silicone implant is not a large implant. Also you have a short distance from the nipple to the bottom of the breast you may have a “high riding” implant. Here’s the simple way to think about it. If any of those things I mention above bother you, then absolutely do a lift at the same time. If you are concerned about the “scars” from a lift, then wait and see how it settles.

Breast augmentation – mommy makeover before photo

You can always “add” a lift later. My guess is that you will want a lift, but if you’re not “ready” for it you can wait. (James F. Boynton, MD, FACS, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Breast mastopexy or just augmentation

Based on your photos, I think that it is most likely that you are going to want the breast lift. I would suggest having the augmentation procedure and allowing the 350cc implants to settle into position. This usually takes about 3 months for most patients.

Breast augmentation – mommy makeover scar recovery after breast lift

At that point, you might decide that you are already happy with the results. If you are not, the breast lift can be done as a secondary procedure. I think that the breast lift certainly can be done at the same time as the augmentation, but I think that your best option would be to just wait and see. But still expect to have the breast lift in 3-6 months. (William T. Stoeckel, MD, Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon)

Mastopexy with 350cc implants.

Without examining you, it seems that you would benefit from a lift as well as implants. The type of lift usually depends on how much skin one needs to address. Please talk with your board certified plastic surgeon and together you will come up with the best options. (Jeffrey Roth, MD, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Augmentation and Lift or Just Breast Augmentation?

You probably do need a breast lift with the augmentation. However, it is not unreasonable to perform a breast augmentation first and then wait 6 months to see how the breasts look. If you need a lift at that time, it can be performed. (Kenneth B. Hughes, MD, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Should I Have a Lift with my Mommy Makeover?

You are certainly borderline for a lift. If you had more volume I would definitely go for a lift. At your small volume, one option is to get the augmention, making sure the doctor does a dual plane or double layer technique, and see how you like it.

It will give you a very nice natural look and again, I think it is 50-50 that you will be happy without the lift. (Ronald V. DeMars, MD, Portland Plastic Surgeon)

Breast lift during Mommy Makeover

It does seem that you are borderline for a mastopexy at the time of your breast augmentation.

What is mommy makeover question

Sometimes the need for a breast lift can only be assessed during the surgery after the implants are placed. If you would need a lift, it is likely to be only a mini-lift. (Arnold S. Breitbart, MD, FACS, Long Island Plastic Surgeon)

Lift with mommy makeover

Your images reveal the need for a lift. I agree with the previous surgeons who have advised you to undergo the lift along with implant augmentation. In examining your pictures, I see that the nipple and areola rest below the crease under your breast. Only lift surgery will adjust this to the appropriate level. If you choose to undergo implant augmentation, I believe you will ultimately return for a lift. (Neil Gottlieb, MD, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon)

What is mommy makeover with breast lift

I agree with those surgeons who favor doing a lift, although that decision would be based on an in person exam and conversation. It is possible that you will have a satisfactory result with an augmentation alone, so I don’t think that it would be a mistake to do the augmentation alone, so long as you are prepared for the possibility of needing a lift in the future.  (Jourdan Gottlieb, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

I think your best result will included a breast lift involving an incision around the areola and an incision vertically down the breasts. An augmentation alone will increase your breast volume and upper pole volume but the lower pole of your breasts will still have laxity and droop to a certain degree off if the implant. (Remus Repta, MD, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon)

Mastopexy or augmentation or mommy makeover?

What is mommy makeover photo before

Based on your pictures, I would agree that you are a borderline candidate for a mastopexy. You can always do the breast augmentation alone and, if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can come back and do the breast lift later. Many plastic surgeons prefer to do breast lifts and augmentations separately anyway. (Edwin C. Pound, III, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Your left nipple and areola sits quite a bit lower than the right side. I think you will need a lift on the left side only (Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

You are a “borderline” case and as such there are NO clear answers. Assuming you pick an implant which fits your chest and is properly covered by your existing breast tissue, your options:

What is mommy makeover scar breast lift

  1. Dual Plane Breast Augmentation (which would raise the nipple complex somewhat). If you are not happy with the result, a mastopexy can always be done in the future. BUT if you are happy with the result, you saved a visible scar on the breasts.
  2. A Breast Augmentation with the Lift. You will leave the OR with a vertical scar of variable length but the breasts will be fuller and perkier. EITHER option is valid and which one is used depends on your wish to avoid a vertical scar.

Two procedures I would NOT recommend:

Scar after mastopexy during mommy makeover

  1. using a large implant to lift the nipple complex. This is functional for a short while and the entire breast sags rapidly afterward.
  2. Using an around the areola “lift” (aka Benelli). In MY opinion, it is a dubious operation which works well only is a small subset of women.

Unfortunately, it is attempted in more women than it should be and results in impossible to fix results with VERY large, stretched out areolae with irregular (“Sun Burst”) margins as well as flat top breasts. (Peter A. Aldea, MD, Memphis Plastic Surgeon)