Breast Augmentation Prices

Here you can find prices of breast augmentation (with implants) offered by cosmetic surgeons of the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and others countries.

These prices based on reviews and quoted in US dollars. Breast enlargement prices sorted by year, ranging from low to high. The number of these price corresponds to the number of reviews on

Breast augmentation – is, more often, a typical operation, a very worked through and predictable. However, at the same time, this surgery is subjective, i.e. the result depends on the surgeon’s vision, his experience, his understanding of the patient, the ability to listen and hear, but also to imagine what the patient wants.

Silicone Breast Implants Cost Approximately $1,000 more than saline implants

In order to get a good result, you need a certain experience, long-term training of the plastic surgeon, practice abroad, thousands of hours spent in the operating room, etc. Therefore, the first component, which determines the price of cosmetic surgery – is the experience of the surgeon.

The second factor – the clinic level. Convenience of location, parking, design and comfort of the patient’s stay at the clinic, food – all these components of the service, which costs money. It happens that the surgeon works in 2-3 clinics, which differ in price level, but this does not affect the result, as “hands” are the same and differs only service and, at some extent, patient comfort.

The third factor follows from the second – is the level of hospital equipment. It is, in fact, a very important factor, because it can influence the results and safety of the patient during surgery. This includes the quality of tools, the level of anesthesia services, the professionalism of medical staff, etc. You can not save money on this!

Silicone Breast Implants Cost More Than Saline

Consumables and implants for mammoplasty – is another component of the service cost. And if the “consumables” are, at some extent, interchangeable and sometimes not so important, you can not save money on the implant.

From the implant depends the result, as well as the patient’s health and long-term consequences.

The price of the operation should be adequate, ie reasonable! Often, the clinic sets too high prices, motivating patients by loud advertising slogans and statements.

Or vice versa, “lures” by too low prices, thus saving money on a very important details.

Breast augmentation by fat transfer is less expensive than breast implants

Prices should be average even with the high skill of the surgeon, perhaps a little above average if the surgeon is very popular. You should get round too low prices, because It may be dangerous.

In our opinion, the fair cost of breast augmentation in the US – $ 4500. In conjunction with mastopexy (the use of implants with breast lift) cost usually increases by $ 700 – 1500, depending on the complexity and volume of lift.

Boob job price below $ 3.000 usually means savings on the positions that are extremely important, so we would not recommend that clinic.

Too high prices do not guarantee results, but sometimes they are really caused by the quality of the work of the surgeon and high service.

Textured Implants Are Also More Expensive Than smooth

In any case, the price of bust enhancement should be correlated with the information you received during the consultation.

Expenses of patients on breast enlargement surgery are often much higher than promised the advertising materials of plastic surgery clinics.

Initial amount usually represents only the surgeon fee. In this case, additional costs may increase it in 1,5-2 times and even more.

What is included in the price of augmentation mammoplasty

The cost of plastic surgery breast augmentation consists of the following expense items:

Natrelle TearDrop Implant is a true GummyBear implant that delivers a soft slope and full bottom

  1. Cost of breast implants
  2. Surgeon’s fee
  3. Prescriptions for medication
  4. Anesthesia fees
  5. Medical tests
  6. Hospital costs
  7. Surgical facility costs
  8. Post-surgery garments

Final price may vary by several times – mostly depending on the type of implant, the surgeon’s name and place of surgery (breast enlargement in Florida or California would be more expensive than, for example, in Ohio).

How much is the work of a surgeon for breast augmentation?

Prices for their services are appointed by the surgeon alone or on the basis of a common pricing policy. Moreover, the selected technique of operation has the meaning. The cost of each case is purely individual.

Beautiful 2 month post op results on a submuscular silicone breast augmentation

Will cost more:

  1. The famous surgeon
  2. Luxury hospital
  3. “Expensive” city
  4. Implants with additional functions
  5. Difficult access (for example, axillary approach)

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