Breast Augmentation Pictures

Breast augmentation pictures – it is photographs of real patients who had plastic surgery for breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation in women – one of the most common surgical procedures in plastic surgery. And this is not surprising!

After all, every woman dreams of a perfect bust, which makes us not only more attractive, but also adds confidence.

Specialists estimate that every year in the world is carried out not less than one million these surgeries.

If you want to be one of those lucky women and get the chest of your dreams, we are happy to help you make the dream a reality!

Breast augmentation pictures before and after

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What to look for in breast augmentation pictures

Every patient is different with different starting points and different goals when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. If you look on the internet and find ten different patients who are your same height, weight, and body frame, they may all have different sized implants and they may all look good. It is not like putting bumpers on Chevrolets! Each patient is different and therefore must be evaluated individually. While looking at breast augmentation pictures may be helpful and video imagine may be helpful, none of these can give you an absolute idea of what you might look like with a certain implant volume.

See online breast augmentation before and after photos

Look at how much glandular tissue the individual had before her augmentation. You should also look at the shape of the breasts, such as whether they are tubular in shape or boxy, and the location of the nipple-areola complex before and after the procedure. These aspects can help you evaluate a surgeon’s skill level. Also, to help you decide about your own options, look at photos of women with similar features to yourself, such as breast size and shape and body frame (thin, medium size, or heavy).

Probably the best thing about before and after pictures is that patients can not only see what is possible, but can communicate their expectations to their surgeon. Most surgeons will only post their best results, but it still gives you the opportunity to evaluate them and what the surgeon views as a good result. It very helpful when patients bring pictures from the internet that they think would be an optimal result.

Breast augmentation before and after photos of best surgeons

Surgeon may not always agree, but it is an excellent point for discussion. Be sure to discuss your expectations with your plastic surgeon. Preoperative and postoperative photographs can give a real insight into a surgeon’s techniques and philosophy about breast augmentation. Look at symmetry of the postoperative photos and if they have a natural look and shape. Check nipple position relative to the breast and look at the incisions as well.

Before and After photos can reflect both the technical skill and the artistic talent of the surgeon. It is best to compare the work of a similar body type to understand the surgeon’s sense of balance and harmony. If a similar body type had the same implant size and profile as you are seeking, it will provide a basis to understand how the implants may appear on you. Before and after photos will be able to raise questions in your mind and provide a basis to discuss your expectations and objectives.

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