Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Before And After Pictures

Stem cell breast augmentation – is innovative method of natural breast enlargement based on using adipose tissue and stem cells of the patient.

The procedure of breast augmentation, for which is taken adipose tissue of the patient, enriched with stem cells does not require general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is sufficient.

After Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat, duration of which from 2 to 4 hours and a short recovery, the patient can go home. The postoperative period is a short with minimal care.

Formation and optimization of breast contours happening in two phases, without the use of conventional silicone and other synthetic materials. Initially sucked adipose tissue, without the use of special medical devices.

Breast Augmentation Stem Cell Fat Transfer Is Suited For Women Who Have Always Wanted Larger Breasts

From one side of this tissue stem cells are extracted, the other part, in conjunction with them, is injected into the breast. Dermal tissue that has been transplanted into a patient’s breast would remain viable if most of the fat and stem cells are not damaged during the stem cell breast enlargement.

Therefore, in clinics great attention is paid to proper and careful preparation and processing of own fat and stem cell of patients.

Fat transfer breast augmentation results

Breast augmentation with fat shows surprising results. On the stem cell breast augmentation before and after photos you can see that augmented breasts visually and tactilely look perfectly natural in any position.

Breast volume increases only due to subcutaneous adipose tissue of the patient, without the use of silicone and other artificial materials. In place of the injections scars aren’t formed.

Breast Stem Cell Augmentation Is The Process Of Using The Patient Own Fat To Increase The Volume Of Fat

Augmentation of from 0.5 to 2 dimensions is performed in one operation. In most cases, a one-time intervention can increase breast size by one.

The method of using the patient’s fat tissue, with the enrichment of its by stem cells is available to many women who do not wish use a silicone. A great advantage of such operations is the absence of scars.

The methods of breast augmentation with fat, used in clinics:

Transplantation of adipose tissue with stem cells

Breast Stem Cells Is Considered A More Natural Approach To Breast Augmentation

In the laboratory, after a complicated multi-step processing procedure, the fat is enriched with stem cells of the patient. Then it is injected under the skin through small punctures.

This method allows you to achieve long-term results, incomparable to other methods of breast enlargement. An injectable material in the greater part, safely remains in the body for a long time.

Transplantation of adipose tissue with stem cells of high concentration

Implantable adipose tissue is saturated with a large number of stem cells. By this is achieved increasing the number of vital cells in the tissue. During the stem cell breast enhancement procedure, most of the fat remains a long time, safely performing its function .

Transplantation of adipose tissue in the usual manner

This procedure involves the use of untreated adipose tissue for transplant. It contains a natural number of stem cells. During the breast augmentation surgery, only a small fraction of the injected material will remain for a long time.

We suggest you see the stem cell breast enlargement before and after photos to see the results