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Breast augmentation – is increase in volume and shape of the breast due to the specially designed implants including gel enclosed in the shell in the form of the silicone elastomer. Modern implants – is a high quality product that causes minimal inflammatory response of tissues and is the best option to increase the breast.

Materials that are used in the manufacture of breast implants, undergo multistage chemical purification, is used exclusively “pure” medical silicone.  The shell of the implant is not will tear, even if you stand on it foot.

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More surprising than the mechanical strength is the special structure of the shell, is the presence of the barrier layer, which “not let” the silicone molecule get out on the surface. Thanks to all this, breast implants are absolutely bioinert and do not cause any harm to the body.

Modern methods for performing cosmetic seams make them virtually invisible – seam under the breast will look like a trace of a bra. No need to strive for a short cut. The best seam is the thready 4-6 cm than short and wide.

The incision on the border of the areola is also a hardly noticeable. Breast prostheses, both round and anatomical, can be set through any surgical approach, so incision site depends on the choice of patient and surgeon preference.

The postoperative period:

Before and after breast augmentation questions and answers

The residence time in the hospital is 1-2 days. You will be able to start work within a week (depending on your state of health). Fatigue in the early days – a normal phenomenon, but try to move and not to forget about care, prescribed by a doctor. Avoid swimming or taking a bath for several days. Sutures are removed on 8-9 day.

Breasts swollen and painful to the touch, there may be bruising, sensation of tight skin. This state continues for a month. A few months you should avoid the sun on the area of joints, not to lift weights and do not engage in sports such as swimming, gymnastics or tennis (especially in axillary location of the implant).

The final result can be assessed only after complete adaptation of tissues, glands and pectoral muscles to the new shape of the breast, which can take up to 6 months (especially in the case of placing the implant behind pectoral muscle). For better results it is recommended for 1-2 months wear a special compression bra. For medical surveillance of implants and gland is recommended breast ultrasound every six months.

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Here is a systematic list of frequently asked questions and the answers to them. Read them carefully, perhaps among them you will find the answer to your question.

Most popular questions and answers:

When do I need a breast augmentation?

  • the breast is not large enough;
  • breast shape deteriorated in the postpartum period and it hangs ;
  • there is asymmetry in breast size or shape.

Why did need breast augmentation ?
As with any cosmetic surgery, the basic idea of the operation – to improve the appearance, and thus enhance the moral satisfaction of a patient and her self-confidence, which leads to an overall improvement in quality of life.

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What can be done with the breast? What are the possibilities of plastic surgery of breast?
In our clinic, you can “order” the breast of almost any shape and size, of course, within the general aesthetic norms. During the consultation, together with the surgeon you choose for themselves the desired shape and volume of the bust.

How to choose a surgeon for breast augmentation?
When choosing a surgeon who will need to change your life for the better, you need to follow some rules. Primary information about the surgery you can get from of any of your friends who have been were operated, and were satisfied by him. If you do not have such friends, then you need to resort to the media: the Internet, magazines. The next stage – to come to the consultation to the plastic surgeon. At the stage of consultation, you can visit several clinics. Here, the best guide is your intuition. When communicating with the surgeon you always feel – it is your doctor or not.

How breast implants are placed armpit incision

What is the main purpose of the breast augmentation?
The purpose of the surgeon – to increase the breast, so they look natural, with minimal or invisible seams.

How does increasing the breast?
Today, around the world the most effective and safe way to increase the breast is breast endoprosthesis.

Carried out at the end of 90th years the statistical comparative studies removed all fears of increased risk of oncological diseases during endoprosthesis.

You able to safely breastfeed your baby after breast augmentation

What breast implants are set?
Most often clinics use certified implants of the following manufacturers: McGhan, Mentor, Politeh Silimed. Their shell is made of non-active, non-polluting material, similar to the one used to make baby pacifiers. The textured surface reduces the likelihood of fibrosis – hardening and sealing of soft tissue. Anatomical teardrop-shaped models provide a beautiful natural shape of the breast.

How breast implants are placed?
Implants are set through access in the armpit, the areola and crease of the breast. The remaining cosmetic scars are inconspicuous.

What is the cost of breast augmentation?
The cost of surgery depends on: the cost of the model implants techniques of surgery and the raw data of the patient.

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What happens immediately after breast surgery?
It will be very little discomfort and almost no pain. Assuming a smooth postoperative course you can go home in a day or two after surgery.

Will I be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation?
Many women are breastfeeding after breast augmentation surgery. Today studies have shown that the content of silicone in breast milk of women who increased their breasts using implants does not exceed the same indicator in the milk of women without implants.

What will happen during pregnancy after breast augmentation?
Every woman’s body is different, so for all women will be different results, both before pregnancy and after. Your breast increase in size, and with it will be all of the usual variations, which occur during pregnancy. Also the degree of breast enlargement depends on the individual, as well as the size of the implant.

You will be able to sunbathe at least after two to three months after breast augmentation

Is it safe silicone used in implants for breast augmentation?
According to experts of the European and International Committee for Quality Control of medical technologies and products (EQUAM), intended for plastic surgery, silicone gel is the best filler for implants, a better alternative for today does not exist.

Additional medical studies have not found an association between breast implants filled with silicone gel, and cancer, and other diseases of the breast.

Breast implants filled with silicone gel have no adverse effects on pregnancy, embryo development, breast-feeding, as well as the health of children who are breastfed.

You can return to physical activity after 4-6 weeks after breast augmentation

How long after breast augmentation surgery can I resume physical training and begin activity that requires significant physical exertion?
The best advisor in this matter is your doctor. He will tell you how much time should refrain from physical activity, when and how to resume activities. The period of rehabilitation after breast augmentation is individual. In general, most discomfort felt in the first few days. On average, in order to fully return to its normal activities, women need 4-6 weeks.

The sweat has an adverse effect on the healing process of the seam, so you should avoid physical exertion and exposure to the sun until the seam will not heal. Do not overload yourself with exercises, especially those that involve the upper torso. Let the body rest and gain strength. It is necessary to minimize swelling around the implant.

You can bathe in the hot tub no earlier than one month after breast augmentation

Bathing in the hot tub or regular bath is permitted no earlier than one month after surgery. During the first two weeks suture of the cut should not be wet. Before you resume regular exercise, you should consult your doctor. Usually recommend walking to stimulate circulation. The larger the implant, the heavier your breast. When jogging, you should wear a supportive bra to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and development of ptosis (drooping breasts). Limit trips behind the wheel.

When can I start to sunbathe after a breast augmentation?
Tan in the solarium or in the sun does not harm to the implant but may make more noticeable scars. They should be protected from exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays for at least two to three months after surgery. Otherwise may be darkening of scars. When you are in the sun, breast implant may feel warm. At the same time it cools more slowly than your body.

Best bra during breast augmentation recovery

When, after breast augmentation surgery, you can once again wear a bra with whale bones?
Typically, doctors do not recommend to wear such bra sooner than 3 months after the breast augmentation surgery. The fact is that during this time is formed scar tissue around the implant, so that the pressure on the breast exerted by the bones, can cause cosmetic defects where they are pressed into the tissue. After this time, you can wear a bra with bones, but not always, to avoid squeezing.

Will my breast keep the old mobility after the breast augmentation?
It depends on many factors such as the type of implant, dissection of pocket, anatomic structure of your body, the presence and degree of capsular contracture.

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Breast of many women after increasing remains soft and mobile. In others implant may create a feeling of greater density and less mobile than before surgery.

What is the weight of implant for breast augmentation?
The most commonly used volume in implants is 300-350ml. Less commonly used implants from 120 to 800 ml.

Will I have stretch marks on the skin after breast augmentation surgery?
Breast augmentation does not cause the appearance of striae (stretch marks). On the contrary, the existing stretch marks become less visible at filling the breast.

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What effect does smoking on wound healing process after breast augmentation surgery?
Smoking causes narrowing of blood vessels, impairing blood flow and limiting the delivery of oxygen to the tissues of the treated area. For quick healing the tissue should be well supplied with blood and getting enough oxygen. If you have poor blood supply then the healing is slow.

There is no consensus among doctors about the duration of the period of abstinence from smoking before and after surgery. According to various sources, it is from can vary from 2 to 4 weeks before and after surgery. In any case, this question you should check with your doctor.

Breast augmentation questions and answers about drains

Is sensitivity of nipples reduced after breast augmentation?
After breast augmentation surgery with implants the sensitivity of the skin, the nipple and the breast as a whole can change. Changes varies widely up to the temporary absence of any sensation in the nipple and breast. Our experience shows that in most cases the sensitivity is maintained at the same level, and in 20% of patients even increases.

Should I get an ideal body weight before breast augmentation?
It is desirable that at the time of breast augmentation surgery your weight was close to ideal. In the case of a significant reduction in body weight after breast augmentation surgery  the proportions of your body can change, and the results will no longer satisfy. It is possible some drooping the breast (ptosis) and a decrease in its size. Significant weight gain may lead to an increase size of the breast.

My age more than fifty. What is the age limit for breast augmentation surgery?
It is important not the age, and the general state of your health. And the state of mind.

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