How to avoid of lumpy breast implants ?

Lumpy Scars and Unevenness – Is Something Wrong with my Implant / Lift Surgery?

As a general rule waiting 6 to 9 months for full settling is the standard.

But since you were so kind to post 2 photos in my view you need a full revisional surgery sooner.

Sorry. But you need a better informed consent especially to size being given. (Darryl J. Blinski, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

The massive weight loss person (>100 lbs) is a very difficult breast rejuvenation procedure. Add to it a one-stage augmentation and mastopexy (breast lift) and you have now made a hard procedure tougher.

Lumpy breast implants before and after

The lift is the most important part of this procedure as it is responsible for keeping your implants up and for taking up all of the excess skin left behind.

Although I have done many aug-lifts, I now do most often a lift first in this subgroup of women and then do the augmentation. It allows in my hands, better shape, fuller breasts, and longer lasting results. (Peter J. Capizzi, MD, Charlotte Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Augmentation and Lifting Results?

Lumpy breast implants photo

Although my colleagues seem to very critical of your results, fair evaluation would require examining your before pictures and preferably examining you in person. I would suggest evaluation at about the 1 year postop mark.

Scar revision surgery, adjustment of the implants’ positions and/or reaugmentation with larger implants may be indicated. I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon to communicate your questions and concerns. (Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

Lumpy scars after a lift

Lumpy breast implants picture

A breast augmentation with a lift is a big operation. Some of the lumpiness of the scars I believe will get better over the next few months as the sutures placed below the skin dissolve and the scars mature. The implants also will tend to settle into place a bit over the next few months and will shift, likely into a lower position, thereby filling the skin a bit more. I think it is way too early to make a judgment on what you might need done as it will likely be much less in a few months.

Once things have stabilized in another 6-8 months, then decisions can be made as to scar revisions or implant exchange for a different size. Keep in mind that there are many variables that come into play with cup size and that is one of the unpredictable issues in breast augmentations, and when you add in a lift, even more. Hang in there for a bit more. (Julio Garcia, MD, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Implants and Lumpy Scars

Lumpy breast implants scar

I would agree that there are some differences in your breasts and at this point the implants are high. A vertical mastopexy was performed and there may be some early puckering along the breast fold. With time this usually improves. Performing a mastopexy with placement of breast implants is a difficult operation as the surgeon is trying to get just the right size and reduce the excess skin appropriately.

Incisions must heal well without implant exposure. Your implants may settle some more and I would urge you to be patient. Yes a small revision may be needed but worrying will not change what will occur. Be patient and followup with your surgeon. (Richard Linderman, MD, Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon)

What to do after a poor result

Lumpy breast implants bad incision

Your result is not a desireable one at this point, particularly in the lifted arm position but you are early postop. Give it more time, your tissues must settle. This is one of the problems with combining those surgeries in patients that are not the best candidates for it but I bet if you were given the option to do two surgeries you wouldn’t have taken it. Few do, but in my practice I would’ve made that your only option (and probably lost you as a patient).

The vast majority of plastic surgeons are doing this surgery in combination – I’ll do it but only if you allow the placement of an acellular dermal matrix within so that it supports your implants with new tissues. Your massive weight loss tissues are not going to support an implant well. Thats a big topic of discussion but for now, my recommendation is for you to give it time, it’ll settle. Some of the problems that you are pointing out will not improve such as nipple asymmetry, size of the implants, etcetera. Some of these problems should have been anticipated prior to surgery. I think that seeing your preop photos would be very interesting as well. (Ricardo A. Meade, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

It seems too early to say at this time. the body is still in the healing phase, and there is still some “molding” of the breast tissue around the implants. (Shahin Javaheri, MD, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon)