Female breast development photos

Breast growth after 23

The breast are unlikely to grow after the age of 23. If you gain weight or loose weight the breasts will fluctuate in size. (Steven Wallach, MD, Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon)

Breasts should not grow much after 23

Your breasts are likely not going to grow much more at your age, but remember that things such as pregnancy and breast feeding change the game completely – these cause fluctuations in hormone levels that will likely cause your breasts to change size. (Adam David Lowenstein, MD, FACS, Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon)

Breasts grow after age 23?

It would be unusual for an individuals breast to “grow” significantly in this age range. Most females have completed their growth in their mid to late teens.

Breast size can change with weight changes, and it can also change with pregnancy and breast feeding. See female breast development photos. (Brian C. Reuben, MD, Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon)

Continued breast growth after age 23

You likely will not have much change in your breast size unless you gain significant weight or have hormonal changes like that seen with pregnancy. If you have not seen much change in the last year, you probably have completed growth. (William T. Stoeckel, MD, )

Will Breasts “Grow” after Age of 23?

Difficult question to answer precisely; probably best to look at the rate of breast size change in the past few years. If your breasts have stayed “stable” for a few years, you probably will not have significant breast size increase in the future. (Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

It is rare to have Breast development after this age, but I’m sure it can happen. Some patients breast size will increase with weight gain. It is best to consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an evaluation, and to discuss your expectations and concerns. (Robert E. Zaworski, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

If your breast size has increased since a year ago, it may be that your breast development will continue. If there has been no change in size, your development is complete. If you wish to have larger breasts, a visit to a plastic surgeon is in order. (Jourdan Gottlieb, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)