Pre And Post Op

Breast implants before and after pictures are meant as an educational tool to let you see what someone looks like after they have a certain procedure – in your case a breast augmentation.

Breast implants before and after pictures let you see the dramatic difference and give you an idea of whether or not the outcome is what you expected.

Look for consistency in the breast implants before and after pictures – same background and lighting, same poses and magnification, same arm positioning and angle.

Some before photos are taken in a completely different setting than the after and make the comparison between the before and after useless.

Breast implants surgery before and after pictures

Also, as much as looking at someone with your body habitus is important, make sure you discuss your own specific situation with your surgeon – such as breast and chest measurements before choosing an implant size.

And remember you can not be someone else. Breast augmentation will only enhance what you already have. Your satisfaction is intimately tied to your expectations.

So, be careful of taking the breast implants before and after pictures for more than what they are. They are a great starting point but a comprehensive consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is your best situation for a happy outcome. (Bahram Ghaderi, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Watch for only best breast augmentation results in the photo albums

Breast implants operation before and after pictures

First thing is to know what it is that you don’t like, what you want to change, and what your goals are. After that, be sure to go to a plastic surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Look at the photos before and after.

Do you like what you see, and would you like to look similar? Also check to see if there are less than perfect patients on the site – if they are all perfect, then perhaps the doctor is only showing the best results, and this may not be representative. (Scott E. Kasden, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Look at breast implant pictures that look like yours before surgery

It is helpful to find a woman whose breasts most closely look like yours to start with and then see if you like the end results. Not every plastic surgeon will have a good before and after section to their website because it can be very hard to keep it up. I take of all of my own before and after pictures to include taking them and getting them to my webmaster for posting. I think you should look at the before and after pictures as a reflection of what the surgeon feels are their better results too. (Michael C. Edwards, MD, FACS, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

Pre and post op pics of breast augmentation are for education and selection of implant size.

Patients use pics to make judgments about implant size in consultation with their plastic surgeon. Other issues with the operation can be demonstrate such as capsular contracture, rippling, and malposition which educates patients as to the potential negative results. (Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD, Atlanta)

Look at pre-op pics that look like you

Many patients interested in breast augmentation bring in photos from magazines, or photos from my and other plastic surgeons’ websites showing results that they would like to have.

The problem is, if the woman in the photograph had pre-op (“before”) pics showing a breast shape or size, or even a body shape, that is very different from the patient’s, the post-op (“after”) pics will be meaningless.

Find pics of women who look like you to begin with. You have to be honest with yourself if your pre-op breast shape is not ideal. I believe the biggest determinant of a nice breast shape after surgery is a nice breast shape before surgery. Consider what we plastic surgeons are doing when we do a breast augmentation: we’re creating a pocket, and slipping in an implant. We’re not “changing” the breast in most circumstances. Breast lifts do change the breast shape of course, but that’s a different procedure entirely, which may or may not include a breast implant. Occasionally with certain conditions, we may be doing some extra internal work, like dual plane dissection, or radial scoring for tubular breasts, but these techniques are focused on specific problems and your surgeon will discuss them if they apply to you. (Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD, Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon)

Evaluating Breast Augmentation pics

I made a video related to this topic: When you look at breast augmentation pics, pay attention to the nipple position on the side view pics in relation to the overall breast on both the pre and post op shots. Make sure the surgeon displays pics that look good to you. (I prefer natural looking breasts, while some patients want a “fake” look – make sure your taste matches that of the surgeon.)

From a technical standpoint, the pics should be uniform in appearance and formatting. You should see the same amount of both the belly and neck in both the pre and post op pics. (In my still pics, I try to show both the chin and belly button as reference points.) This way, you can be sure you are seeing the actual changes from surgery rather than an apparent enlargement of the breasts due to a perspective change in photo technique. (Michael A. Bogdan, MD, FACS, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Before and after breast augmentation, what to look for?

The issue is first and foremost what is an attractive breast to you. Most of my patients want to look better but, not look like, “I have implants.” A more natural appearance in front view as well as profile. Others want the upper pole fullness.

That said you have to decide what looks best to you and let that be your guide. You will know it when you see it. like alot of things in life. (Roger J. Friedman, MD, Bethesda Plastic Surgeon)

When you look at before and after pictures of breast implants remember that the results have probably been selected out of hundreds of patients.

Every surgeon has results that he or she will not publish but they want to present their best work.

It isn’t always the best way to “shop” for a surgeon.

Look at the before and after pictures of breast implants with an understanding that you can not exactly reproduce the results of any one photo but can get close.

There are some appearances with implants that are due to the type, silicone vs saline, muscle location, under or over, or shape of the implant.

The most important relationship is the size of the implant in relation to the existing breast size and height and weight of the patient.

By looking at before and after photos you will get idea of the type of look that you want and this can help you choose the proper size and type of implant for your body. (Marcus L. Peterson, MD, Saint George Plastic Surgeon)

I think one of the most helpful things that patients should focus on when looking at photos for breast implants patients is to seek out BEFORE photos which resemble your own appearance!

The before photo is always the starting point and if you look different from the before photo then it would be difficult to extrapolate that results to what you may look like. So start with before photos that look like you and THEN find pictures of sizes you like. This is a very individualized process. Also, if you seek out a consultation, don’t be afraid to ask the doctor to show you pictures of patients again, who look like you do, not just pictures of his best work. Also – the B&As give you a good example of the doctor’s “style” and preference and how natural a look he or she is trying to achieve. (Brian S. Glatt, MD, Morristown Plastic Surgeon)

The most important thing for any plastic surgery procedure is for the result to be natural. So find some pictures that approximate yourself and look at the after pictures. Are the breasts symmetrical and hang naturally? Are the implants a good size for the patient’s body type? Keep in mind that you should certainly see some good pictures because the best pictures usually go online or into photo albums.


Finally, discuss your expectations with your surgeon and how certain pictures may relate specifically to your case. (Shain A. Cuber, MD, Edison Plastic Surgeon)