Breast Enlargement Before And After Gallery

The key is to find women with before photos similar to your body and breasts and after photos with similar body and breast of what you would like to accomplish.

They should show front view and side view. You should also pick out photos of breasts that you do no like as these can be used to help communicate what you would like to avoid with your pastic surgeon. (Remus Repta, MD, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon)

Pick a photo that shows a similar body frame like yours

It can get a little overwhelming to look at these pictures and try to figure out what is best for you.

Photos of before and after breast implants online

I am always amazed when new patients bring along to their consult before and after pictures from the web that are completley different than their own body frame and breast appearence and ask to look like “this one.” So enjoy seeing what a huge difference breast augmentation can make for women who had it done before you. But pay a lot more attention to those patients who looked a lot like you do before they had their surgery done. (Phillip C. Haeck, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Judging Size By Before and After Photos for Breast Augmentation

Before after breast implants photos

In general, the most important thing in deciding the size of implants that you desire should be based upon a comprehensive evaluation by your plastic surgeon based upon your chest wall diameter, the amount of breast tissue, and the laxity of breast skin that you have.

‘Photos can be helpful, but everybody is different. Imaging techniques are still not where they need to be to accurately determine pre and post operative size which is a work in progress. Certainly, some of the new 3-dimensional imaging is very helpful today, but can still be misleading. (Rod J. Rohrich, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Augmentation Photos

Beautiful breast implants photos

I made the decision long ago to not show patient before and after photos on my website. I feel it is my responsibility as a surgeon to sit down and view my work with my patients so that they have an understanding of the end results. I would recommend to anyone review this to contact the surgeon you are interested in and schedule an appointment to view photos with your surgeon. (Christine Sullivan, MD, Columbus Plastic Surgeon)

Evaluating or judging breast implant augmentation surgery photos

Consistency in photos is very useful in determining the accuracy as well as the attached pertinent information that may allow you to select someone of your height, weight, cup size, anatomy, skin tone, child bearing status, etc, are all reasonable cirteria to look for when evaluating breast implant augmentation surgery photos. Furthermore looking for complex breast conditions, rather than simple A to C cup augmentations may also give clues to a surgeon’s skills. (Otto Joseph Placik, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

In order to evaluate the quality of results, its most important to see multiple views of the breasts before and after surgery.

A single view can look excellent for many results, but only multiple views will demonstrate subtle assymetries or flaws. High resolution photos are important.

When photo quality or resolution are poor, scars and other flaws are made less visible.

Also, both before and after photos should be shot with similar angles, lighhting, and background. (Jason R. Hess, MD, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

What to look for in before and after photos

As you go to different web sites you see all kinds of before and afters. It is important to find a web site where the photos are shown in the three standard views on all patiens. It is also important that you see different types on breasts. Because each one requires a different approach. It is easy to get a good result in an ideal candidate for breast augmentation. (Farhad Rafizadeh, MD, Morristown Plastic Surgeon)

When reviewing pre- and post-op photos of breast augmentation surgery (or any procedure for that matter), try to find a picture that is similar to your “before” photo to give you an idea of what your “after” picture will look like. This will help you develop expectations that are reasonable for your body type. Once you’ve found some preop pictures that are similar to your body, compare the photos in terms of the appearance with regard to implant size, style (moderate or high profile), and type (saline vs. silicone) – this will help you figure out what you need to do to give you the “after” picture that you want. (Amy M. Sprole, MD, Wichita Plastic Surgeon)

Make sure that the photos are shot from the same angle

I see many breast augmentation before and after photos of patients who have procedures done and the postoperative photos are shot from a different angle, lighting, or distance. This makes it more difficult to assess the result compared to preop. Also ,remember that a photograph is only two-dimensional and that there are some subtle changes that can only be seen three-dimensionally.

It’s good to look at websites that allow you to match your own height and weight and brassiere size, with other patients photos, so that she can get a better idea of how someone ,who looks like you, would look with an augmentation. The other thing is to ask your surgeon if he has an imaging system ,to help get a better idea of how you will look. I personally don’t feel that stuffing an implant in your brassiere gives a realistic impression of how one would look after breast augmentation (Joseph M. Perlman, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)