Breast Augmentation Recovery Pics

After Breast Surgery

Breast Enhancement Surgery is a very common procedure, performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (BCPS), as well as others, both surgeons and non-surgeons.

As such, there are many different experiences out there. It is important, in my opinion, to find a BCPS who operated in a certified surgery center and performs a significant number of breast procedures.

Typically, I tell my patients that it is most prudent to schedule at least 5-7 days off from work. Recruit a responsible adult to accompany you to and from the surgery center on the day of surgery as well as to stay with you at least over night the first night.

Breast augmentation recovery photos scars

Surgeons preferences are variable with regard to pain medicines. I have my patients take a new non-narcotic pain medicine 2 hours before surgery and twice a day for one week after surgery. This special medication has decreased my patient’s narcotic use and therefore the side effects of narcotics significantly in the last 3 years since I have started using it. It also allows patients to function, return to work and think clearer during their recovery period.

I do not use pain pumps, have not had to use them. You should not lift your arms above your head and limit exercise and heavy lifting for about two weeks.depending on the age of your kids, you might need some help around the house to get through each day.

Scars, depending on their length and position, heal very well after breast augmentation. Early on they can be red, raised and firm, but with appropriate care, directed my your surgical team (MD and RNs) should not be too noticeable at all in about 3-6 months. (John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS, Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon)

Breast augmentation recovery photos and pictures

Each patient will recover somewhat differently. On the day of surgery, the effects of anesthesia may make you feel nauseous. There may be minimimal discomfort for the first day or two.

However, most patients patients are able to start doing normal activities in 3 – 4 days, with a full return to normality within 2 weeks. On breast augmentation recovery photos you can see you can see the whole process of surgery, postoperative scars, the recovery process, post-operative dressings and care, complications(Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon)

Breast augmentation recovery time varies from 2-3 weeks to return to full activity

Patients that undergo breast augmentation average between 2-3 weeks before they returned all their normal activity. When the events are placed under the breast tissue but on top of the muscle, the recovery time is even faster. I have patients who have returned to work the day after breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation surgery recovery photos

If you have little children particularly ones that you would have to be picking up, I would not do this for the first seven days. Scars take 9-12 months to mature and you can help the healing process by using silicone gels such as Mederma or silicone sheeting placed on the scar. Also the use of laser light to remove the redness from scars has helped speed up the healing process (Joseph M. Perlman, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Recovery after breast augmentation

One can expect to be a little drowsy for a day after breast augmentation surgery, but up and about soon thereafter. There usually is some swelling and soreness that may limit what you want to do, but most women are able to get back to work in a couple of days – that, of course, depends upon what your job requires. I have seen athletes running three days after surgery. Although I do not limit you holding your children, heavy lifting may not be possible for 4-6 weeks.

The breast augmentation recovery photos

Since you have 2 children, I would expect that your skin will adjust quickly to the change and the discomfort will be quite tolerable – much less than childbirth! Scars take months to fade, but with the popular scar in the armpit, very little is noticeable in 3-4 weeks. (Randy J. Buckspan, MD, Austin Plastic Surgeon)

Although it is a fairly simple operation, there are some steps to take to ensure that nothing goes wrong after a breast augmentation surgery. Arm movements need to be kept to a minimum for a few days and most patients can return to work (desk work only) about one week after their surgery. Exercise and hard physical work need to be avoided for four to six weeks. (V. William Papanastasiou, MD, Montreal Plastic Surgeon)

See breast augmentation recovery photos to ensure in safety of recovery.

As with any breast procedure, patients should limit…

As with any breast procedure, patients should limit their physical activity until your surgeon releases you to resume your normal daily routine.

Usually a few days off of work is sufficient, and after about a week your sutures are removed. Most often you will wear a soft bra that offers support and aids in healing.

You will take antibiotics to prevent infection, as well as other medications that will help with discomfort after surgery. (Jennifer L. Walden, MD, Austin Plastic Surgeon)

Breast massage after breast augment

Most under muscle breast augments don’t require massage in the post op period. Many surgeons recommend massaging if the implants are above the muscle.

There are some conditions (firmness, capsular contracture, malposition of implant) that may require massage. Basically you are going to push in all 4 directions for a certain amount of time (there are videos on the web) to keep the pocket a certain size.

If the breasts are high, you will want to push downward on the breasts. Basically you will push the breast where it needs to go.

You may need to do this for many months in order to see a change. Sometimes applying heat will help as well. (Kurtis Martin, MD, Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Augmentation Recovery Can Be Less Than 24 hours!

The recovery process for breast augmentation has improved dramatically. Believe it or not, by following certain principles and techniques, the majority of my patients recover in less than 24 hours.

This means that they can go back to work and most daily activities the next day. This is a bit unique and many patients and surgeons are skeptical.

However, when following certain protocols and surgical techniques, there is no pain medication needed other than Ibuprofen (Motrin), no drains are used, and no compression wraps at all.

Immediate exercises are instructed and the key is that the implant should not be too big for your chest dimensions. Each patient is then given instructions to not drive for a few days, no exercise for 3 to 4 weeks, and full upper body exercise can resume at 6 weeks. Scars will heal like many scars, they will look pink up to 3 months or so and start to soften and fade by a year.

In some ethnicities and skin types, scarring will vary as to color and quality. There are numerous news coverage of this as well as the video before showing the patient just hours after her breast augmentation under the muscle. (Ashkan Ghavami, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

Breast augmentation recovery

Recovery from breast augmentation varies from patient to patient. Most patients complain of some pain, especially in the first 3-5 days. This is usually alleviated with oral narcotics. I also prescribe a short course of antibiotics to prevent infection. Most patients require 5-7 days off from work. During the first month after surgery, it is important not to lift heavy objects or be involved in strennuous activity.

This includes sexual activity. You should seek some help in taking care of your children in the first 3-4 weeks, especially if they are very young and you need to carry them. Scars can take up to a year to fade or mature.

Initially, the scar is pink and slightly raised. As it matures, it lightens in color and flattens out. I usually recommend the use of a silicone scar cream or silicone tape as well as scar massage to achieve a more aesthetic scar. (Moises Salama, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

5 tips to know about breast augmentation recovery

  1. Most important is to move move move! Gone are the days when surgeons would wrap you up like a mummy. We want you to do gentle slow stretching exercises with the first 24 hrs.
  2. You will not be totally out of it the evening of surgery. This is out patient surgery and you will be able to go home the same day and see your family
  3. Many people do well with only extra-strength Tylenol, however if you need something stronger they are available
  4. If you have small children, you may pick them up after one week. You don’t strain the pectoralis major.
  5. Scars fade over three months. However, the most important thing to understand is to make sure your surgeon has many different ways that he uses to absolutely minimize the chance of a scar showing. (Douglas S. Steinbrech, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)