Before and after pictures of breast augmentation

Try to see yourself in breast augmenation pictures

Before and after pictures of breast augmentation are very helpful when exploring what you could look like and what augmentation can do in breast enhancement.

There are so many examples on the Internet today, literally hundreds to judge and view.

When you are reviewing before and after pictures of breast augmentation remember that you are looking at other peoples choices, not necessarily what is right for you.

Try to find, objectively, breasts that may be similar to your own, and what another chose with her augmentation.

Before and after pictures of breast augmentation operation

You may approve of the result or not but it is important to know how you wish to look and what you like. Ignore the implant size and type, just pay attention to the look and this will guide you to a result that is right for you.

You can use web before and after pictures of breast augmentation to help you select a particular surgeon. Certainly if you do not like what you see the practice may not be right for you.

Finally don’t overlook other “breast” pictures as well. Anything that you find that will guide your surgeon to the look you want should be appreciated. (Peter E. Johnson, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Look for someone who has your body characteristics

Before and after pictures of breast augmentation 8 weeks post op

You should evaluate before and afters on two levels:

  1. obviously you want someone who does a good job and has photos that reflect quality work
  2. you need to look at photos of women who look like you do to get an idea of what your result may be.

No use looking at pictures of 20 year-old women who have not had kids if you are 40 years old and have had a couple of kids. Make sure you are comfortable with the surgeon as well as the staff. Having surgery is not a one day process and you will need the support of the staff afterwards as well.

Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience, look at many of their before/afters and speak with as many of their patients as you can. (Francisco Canales, MD, Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon)

Before and after pictures of breast augmentation surgery

I think there is a tendency to overinterpret before and after photos, by trying to predetermine the size and implant type you want. This just isn’t realistic but what you should focus on is just do they look right. In other words, the surgeon will post pictures of what he or she feels represents their work, and so you can decide if that is the kind of result you are looking for interms of overall aesthetics.

Look at hings like the space between the breasts, the profile, etc. Everyone’s result will differ depending upon what they want and the limitations of their own anatomy, but you should see eye to eye with your surgeon on what looks right. (Richard Baxter, MD, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Before and after pictures of breast augmentation procedure

A good breast augmentation is one that first and foremost fits the goals of the patient, is performed in a safe and confidential environment, and is without complication. In terms of the final result, the goals are as much symmetry between the two breasts as possible (no 2 breasts are identical, but we can aim for maximum symmetry), nice shape of each breast in particular along the cleavage line, and finally an overall size that is in balance with the rest of the body. If these goals are met, the overwhelming majority of both patients and surgeons will be happy with the results. Good luck! (Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)