Breast Augmentation Sizes And Shapes

Breast implants – medical products, intended to be placed under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle in order to change the size and shape of the breast.

Types of breast implants

Modern plastic surgery uses two types of implants:

a) Silicone implants
b) Saline implants

Both consist of a silicone membrane and a filler. In the first case, the filler is a silicone gel, and the second – saline solution with 0.9% of salt. Silicone implants differ in the density of the gel – it is called “cohesive” (ie “sticky”). Such gel is not only provides the required degree of elasticity, but also keeps its shape even in case of rupture of the outer shell.

Breast Implants Come In All Shapes, Sizes, Profiles, And Even Feels

Saline implants are much softer to the touch, and moreover – often have the effect of “gurgling” (a liquid inside the implant shimmers when moving and produces characteristic sounds).

At break of shell, saline will flow directly into the breast tissue. This is not harmful to the body, though extremely unpleasant. Saline implants are slightly cheaper than silicone, so still remain relatively popular.

In 2014 it has been announced implants filled with new microscopic silica beads. The properties are similar to silicone, but weigh much less (the difference is about 30%). Developers believe that the new product will allow to avoid typical breast sagging under the weight of a breast implant, which occurs 10-15 years after surgery. However, long-term studies have not yet carried out to confirm this theory.

Breast augmentation forms

The Definition Of Ideal Breasts Is, However, Highly Subjective

Breast implants are available in round and teardrop (anatomical) form. The latter is the closest to the natural shape of a woman’s breasts and, as a consequence – a much more urgent and expensive. However, in some cases, from an aesthetic point of view, an optimal result is obtained when using round implants – it depends on the individual structure of the breast. For example, anatomic implants are often used to increase the flat chest and round – to increase and / or improve the shape of sagging breasts.

Types of surface

Breast implant shell may be smooth or textured (porous). It is known that after installation, the body creates a “capsule” of connective tissue around the implant. In some cases, it becomes extremely dense, whereby the breast is obtained unnaturally hard to the touch, and itself “capsule” strongly compresses the implant, that frequently leads to deformation.

Breast Implant Sizers Are Based On The Amount Of Fluid Or Gel In The Implant Itself

Implants with a textured shell can be compared with a sponge – Connective tissue penetrates into the pores of the shell, whereby the overall thickness of “capsule” is reduced by eliminating potential adverse effects.

Breast implants sizes and shapes

Breast augmentation size is calculated based on the amount of filler – in milliliters. In a simplified form, about 150 ml. of filler corresponds to one cup size. Thus, an implant with a volume of 300 ml. corresponds to the “B” cup size. At the same time, the size of the implants is added to the natural breast size – so patient with the “B” cup size after the installation of 300 ml. implant will receive “D” cup size.

Implant Size Is Measured By Cubic Centimeters, Or Cc

High Profile Or Moderate Profile

There are breast implants of a fixed and adjustable size – in the latter case, the filler is introduced directly into the shell during surgery after installing of implant. This allows the surgeon to adjust the size of the breast “in real time”, add or reduce breast size

Issues of shape, size and texture of the implant are solved patient and the doctor together, however, the last word should be left for professional. In addition to the patient wishes, the surgeon will take into account the characteristics of the organism such as the width of the chest, body proportions, as well as the density and overall skin condition.

Manufacturers of breast implants

Choosing The Perfect Breast Implants

The most popular breast implant supplier is the Mentor company. In addition to Mentor, surgeons use the Allergan’s products, previously released under the brand McGhan Medical, and now – Natrelle and the CUI, as well as Silimed and ARION.

Since 2009, in the United States are supplied British implants “Nagor”, leading in sales in Europe, produced by the holding company “GS Aesthetics” and the French implants “Eurosilicone” from the same holding. At the end of 2011 in the US market appeared the French implants “SEBBIN”, belonging to the luxury class.

Prices for breast implants

Wall Of Implants

The cost of implants depends not only on their “technical” characteristics, but also on behalf of the manufacturer and additional charge. What should be guided, and whether or not to overpay for the brand – read our thematic review.

How to choose breast augmentation size: aesthetic aspect of plastic surgery breast augmentation

Breast augmentation gives women the opportunity to choose the size of a future breast for improving appearance and enhancing self-esteem. However, some of the women after breast augmentation surgery change their opinion about the ideal size, and are asked to do reoperation. But an additional operation is an additional risk. Therefore, plastic surgeons are always trying to find a way to help women make the right choice of size before breast augmentation.

Sizes Of Breast Implants

A recent study, based on 1350 cases of breast augmentation, conducted in the US showed that the majority of women remained happy with the size of the new breasts, while 34% wanted to change the obtained result mainly due to the fact that the chosen implant is too large.

It is worth noting that too large implants can form a disharmony between the body and the chest. If a woman insists on too large implants for her body, the surgeon should consider whether it is necessary to carry out such operation.

Despite the fact that there is the variety of selection methods of the right size implants, surgeons continue to believe that the diameter of the base is a key parameter in determining the size of the implants. Usually, after the measurement, surgeons show and explain formed pattern to the candidate, what size is best suited for her.

Silicone Implant Sizes

Such a procedure allows the patient to understand that a very large implant is not suitable for her breasts. In general, for today patients have the opportunity to choose implants larger than in the 70-80, due to changes in somatotype of women, namely the fact that women now are higher than 30 years ago, and the volume of their chest increased .

A Few Rules For Choosing The Correct Size Breast Implants:

1. From the very beginning you have to be honest and open in conversation with a plastic surgeon about the size of silicone implants.

2. It is recommended to choose breast pictures from magazines, which is ideal for your opinion, and show them to a plastic surgeon to begin the discussion of your implant size. However, body structure of these women should be similar to yours.

Before And After 350cc Implants

3. It is a mistake to try to define the size of the implant based on the size of the bra. Sizes vary depending on the type of implant and the manufacturer (bra size).

4. The procedure for selecting breast implant size:

  • You must bring a body dress or wear a blouse, tight fitting your breasts. This will help in selecting the implant size.
  • The medical office has a large range of silicone implants of all sizes (Mentor: cohesive silicone: I, II, teardrop-shaped, high profile, medium profile, low profile).
  • Wishes of woman about the size play an important role.
  • How To Choose The Right Breast Implants

  • The doctor measures the distance from the nipple to the breast jugular notch, and the thickness of soft tissue folds of your breast below the nipple, in the upper and lower pole in the medial and lateral parts. Next, measure the size of the rib cage woman (figure – the ratio of the size of the chest with height).
  • Then the surgeon measures the distance from the areola to the planned new position of crease under the breast (an imaginary line under the breast).
  • We begin select the size of the implants, placing them under the body or blouse in order to the doctor and the patient can understand how new breasts will look as a result. It is worth noting that the photos selected by the patient and reviewed with a doctor, help determine the size to which the woman leans.
  • Implant Sizes

  • Most often, we come to the choice of a specific size range (eg 250-275 cc), note the parameters of history and, basing on the used technology (with an accuracy of measurement) and the wishes of the woman, in the day of surgery finally determine the size, which will give the most natural looking of breast, preserving its softness at tactile contact, as well as will make changes invisible to others.
  • Computer simulation provides substantial assistance, but the surgeon’s experience plays a decisive role.

5. Your expectations must be realistic. Do not assume that the biggest breast augmentation size is always the best. Larger implants not only violate body proportions, but also lead to sagging and poor appearance of the breast in future.

The best solution is the choice of implants that blend harmoniously with the shape of your body. In women who prefer smaller implants, within the shortest time after the operation and in prolonged observation is noted more right balance of breast to a body,  than in those who choose larger implants.


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  3. Karen says:

    Has any “full sized” women had a BA? Like with 600ccs? Would you be willing to post pics…? I am having an “upgrade” on Monday the 25th and slightly worried that might be too big. I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  4. Stefany says:

    I’m 5’8″ 190lbs and having my ba on Tuesday, also 600cc!!

  5. Regina says:

    there are many posts from the past few days below. I asked a similiar question I am 5″3 and 160 getting 500-550 on 2 aug

  6. Adreanna says:

    Wescoat I have 500cc under and wish I would have went bigger. Wish I would have found this group before my surgery a year ago

  7. Karen says:

    The surgeons office called for my preop. I wanted to go to 650 and they’re seemingly trying to talk me into 450. Now I am 225 and 275. I am full c, lite d now.
    The nurse said that he tries to dissuade women from going above 450 total because of delayed recovery and because of the implants shifting into the armpit sometimes or because of more hang later on.
    Now I’m confused a little.

  8. Kristelle says:

    Do you think your ps will allow you to get 600 regardless of what he suggests? The choice should be ultimately up to you unless there were health factors he’s concerned with.

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