How To Stop Swelling After Breast Augmentation?

Expected swelling after breast augmentation

How much swelling depends largely on if the implant is placed on top of the muscle or under the muscle. A smaller amount depends on implant size and tissue characteristics. In general: On top of the muscle (subfascial and subglandular): 1-2 week

Under the muscle (subpectoral): most of the swelling will go away by 3-4 weeks but a small amount may persist for a month or so.

In general, making a decision on the final result of your breast augmentation should be delayed until about 2-3 months to make sure most of the swelling has gone away. (Remus Repta, MD, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon)

Wait 3 months to judge your result

How to reduce swelling after breast augmentation question

Everyone has swelling after breast augmentation. The amount of swelling varies tremendously from patient to patient.

Most patients notice that the swelling is starting to subside in the first week or two. I find that most of the swelling, (let’s say 80% or so), tends to resolve by the end of the first month and most patients are starting to see the results of their surgery.

The rest of the swelling, (the remaining 20%), tends to take a bit longer to go away but most of this is gone 2-3 months after the surgery. In our office for example, we wait 3 months after the surgery before we take the after pictures. At this point we can see what the surgical result is because most of the the swelling is gone. (James H. Schmidt, MD, Sarasota Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling after breast augmentation

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Swelling is normal after breast augmentation. It varies among individuals and even among surgeons depending upon how traumatic the technique and whether or not an implant is placed that exceeds what the breast pocket would require for a natural fill.

In my practice, most swelling is resolved in a couple of weeks, but it may take longer to resolve swelling completely. I advise my patients not to spend a lot of money on bras until the breast swelling is resolved and the breasts have remodeled and reach their final shape. (Mark D. Epstein, MD, Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon)

Reduce swelling after breast augmentation

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There is typically very little swelling after breast enhancement surgery with prosthetic implantation, but this may depend on how much breast tissue you possess prior to surgery and how much skin relaxation you have.

The skin and the breast tissue in most patients is tight immediately afterwards and may take 4 weeks to 3 months to accommodate the implant and subsequently resolve. Our patients are started on focused, nurse quided massage starting at week 2 (and continue focused massage forever!) which deifinitely helps improve swelling. (John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Little swelling but implants may look high

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There should be very little swelling with breast augmentation surgery. However, many patients feel that they are swollen at first because there implants are positioned high. As they descend within 3 wks to 3 months the breast looks less swollen when in reality the implant has just dropped into position. (Pramit Malhotra, MD, Ann Arbor Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling after augmentation requires patience

Some swelling in the breast and surrounding tissue is expected after augmentation. The swelling will peak at about three days, and then begin to subside. The swelling may only have a small impact on eventual cup size. Right after augmentation the breast tissue is challenged to adopt a new form and shape which the implant size and shape will help dictate. The process of the breast and implant working in together can take up to three months, especially if you were very small breasted to start with, or have chosen a very full augmentation.

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During this time the breast may feel a little stiff and the skin tight and as mentioned can last the first to the third month after. Patients can often feel that they are too big during this first part of healing.

In our practice I provide the first bra after augmentation, a soft cup without underwire, and place a band over the top of the breast to keep the implant centered in the breast pocket, and continue this for the first two weeks. After I have them use the bra alone and any similar bra if they wish for the first eight weeks. After they can buy and bra that they wish, underwire, sidestay, pushup, but ask them to shop slowly, as the breast settles in and has a better flow with the implant bra size and style may change.

Cup size can be tricky especially if you are very petite, the smaller your chest the larger the relative cup size. If you wear a 32 (hard to find) the cup may be a D, and in a 34 to 36 the same size cup will be marked a C. Don’t worry about bras too soon. Remember many patients feel too big right after aumentation, things don’t often feel right at this early time.

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Remember too that many patients who felt too big immediately after also comfess that if they had surgery over again they might have gone a bit bigger. Have patience. You should be fine. (Peter E. Johnson, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling after breast augmentation

Swelling after breast augmentation is a very common concern. With any surgery, there is always swelling post-operatively. After placing breast implants the swelling within the breasts will peak within the first week, then slowly subside over the next few weeks to months. It’s not unusual to be a cup size larger during this time. Every woman is different but usually by three months most of the swelling will disappear, and the bra size should then remain stable. Enjoy the new breasts! (Keith M. Blechman, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Breast changes after augmentation

How to reduce swelling after breast aug

Swelling resolves and implants settle for several months after augmentation. Since your surgery was only 5 days ago, it’s way too early to make any decisions regarding your final result. It’s important to keep your follow up appointments with your plastic surgeon and follow his/her advice. (James Knoetgen, III, MD, Fresno Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling After Breast Augmentation

After a breast augmentation one can expect a few days of moderate swelling depending on the type of procedure. After six weeks it is time to be sized for a new bra to compliment your new appearance. At this time you should have a good feel for your postoperative size. (Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD, Houston Plastic)

The degree of swelling and the time that it persists both depend on a few factors. Firstly, the larger the implant, the greater the swelling. Next, subpectoral augmentation tends to stay swollen a bit longer than subglandular augmentation. Next, your own medical history factors into the swelling.

If you have had previous breast or chest surgery, there may be a tendency to have greater swelling that may last longer.

Lastly, the technical excellence of the surgeon can also factor into the equation. If there is less bleeding, there will be less swelling. (Steven M. Gitt, MD, Tampa Plastic Surgeon)

It is very soon to judge the final breast size only 5 days from an augmentation. You need to allow time for the swelling to resolve. Which can take weeks. (C. Andrew Salzberg, MD, Westchester Plastic Surgeon)

Like any surgery, a breast augmentation is traumatic to the tissues. Blood flows to the area to start healing, and fluid leaks from the blood into the tissues. The tissues soak it up like a sponge, and it takes a while for all that fluid to absorb.The greatest swelling occurs between a day or two after surgery up until three to size weeks, when the skin can be shiny and tight. When some of that maximal swelling drains from the tissues, the skin has dull appearance and can appear to have finely etched lines.

But the swelling isn’t gone yet! That happens at about 3 to 6 months after surgery. Healing is a process that last long after bandages are gone and patients are back to work. So if you still feel tender a 4 or 5 months later, that’s why. So at 5 days, you have a long way to go! The other issue you raise is bra size. Bra sizes vary tremendously. I once had a patient who was sized as a B cup bra on the same day she was sized as a D cup.

Focus on the volume of your breasts. If you’re happy with the volume, but you’re bummed with the bra size, either cut out the tag with the size or find a new bra brand. But don’t worry about that now. At 5 days, it’s too early for bra sizing. Click on the link below to check out a breast augmentation case. She didn’t look like that at 5 days! (Heather J. Furnas, MD, Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon)

Complete Healing Takes Time

At just 5 days post-op, you’re still quite early in the overall healing process. Although you’re likely feeling more like yourself and may be ready to return to your normal activities, your breasts are still quite swollen.

It takes time for your existing breast tissue to adapt to the presence of implants, and it’s very unlikely that the current size of your breasts is the result you’ll ultimately have.

Over the course of the next several weeks, your breasts will drop slightly and soften, adopting the size you planned with your surgeon. If you don’t see any improvement after 4 to 6 weeks, make an appointment for an evaluation with your doctor. (Shim Ching, MD, Portland Plastic Surgeon)

When Does Swelling After Breast Augmentation Begin to Subside?

The swelling after breast augmentation typically takes around six weeks to go down. Even at the six week time mark, the implants have not reached their final position. The implants will descend over the course of several months. It takes about 3 months for them to reach their final position. Sometimes this can take a bit longer. The implants will initially seem high and will drop with time. (Austin Hayes, MD, )

Recovery time varies for each individual.

Even for the fastest healer, five days after breast augmentation surgery is far too soon to gauge your final results. The tissues around the implant are still very tight after surgery, and swelling is part of the body’s natural healing response.

Both of these issues contribute to an initial breast size that’s larger than your figure will eventually look. You should see your swelling go down dramatically after the first few weeks, but seeing your final results typically takes at least six months.

Also, I caution against getting too committed to a specific bra size after getting breast implants, because there isn’t a direct correlation between implant volume and cup size.

The goal shouldn’t be a set size, but rather the look that meets your personal ideal. (Nirav Savalia, MD, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)

Reduce swelling after breast augmentation

After 5 days following your procedure, you are really not seeing the final size or shape of your breasts due to swelling and the need for the implants to settle lower into the pocket as the overlying relax and stretch.

Generally they may appear larger than expected for these reasons, but there is also great variability among bra manufacturers when it comes to labeling cup size.

My advise to my patients is wait at least a month or two before spending much money on a high quality bra, and just wear supportive comfortable sports bras until then. (Scott A. Brenman, MD, FACS, Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling is normal and it usually decreases after several weeks

Guessing from your height and weight, 325cc implants would provide a fairly significant enhancement in your breast size. Swelling will often increase for several days then gradually resolve over several weeks.

By 4-6 weeks much of the swelling will usually resolve but the shape may change for several months. This could affect the final fit of your bra. I would suggest waiting a few months before investing in many new clothes or bras. (William Andrade, MD, Toronto Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling following surgery, any surgery, typically peaks 72 hours after surgery. After that time, swelling begins to decrease.

Most swelling resolves approximately 3 weeks after surgery but can take several months to completely resolve. (Nicholas Tarola, MD, Nashville Plastic Surgeon)

The first week is the worst, I would say in my experience around 75 % of the swelling goes away by the 6 weeks mark and the remainder 25 % could take upto 3 months to fully dissapear (Omar Fouda Neel, MD, Montreal Plastic Surgeon)

At 5 days post op, you are definitely swollen. I warn all my breast augmentation patients that their implants will probably seem too high and large at first.

This is due to swelling and the fact that the patient is not used to seeing their breasts larger. It also takes time for the tissues around the pocket to relax and stretch out allowing the implant to settle. At approximately one week post op, the swelling begins to resolve and the breast size starts to decrease a little.

Over the next few weeks, the swelling resolves and the implants settle lower into their correct position. At this point the patient is also used to seeing their larger breasts and so visually they do not seem so big.

I tell my patient to wait a few weeks post operative before buying new bras because you will probably not know your true cup size until then. (Julian Gordon, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling after breast augmentation and lift

Most swelling after breast augmentation and lift will have subsided within 3 months. Bra sizing varies according to lingerie manufacturers, so try to base your feelings about your breasts on how you look and feel, rather than on the alphanumeric bra size. (Lara Devgan, MD, MPH, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Importance of relieving Post-operative swelling after Breast Augmentation.

At 5 days from a breast augmentation and lift it is to be expected that you will have swelling to both the breast tissue, and if the implants where placed below the pectoral muscle, to the muscle as well.I am a firm believer in early movement, and early regional massage.

I ask for the patient to do upper arm range of motion (“circles”) that first evening of surgery, then to be increased over the following days after more instruction. After a period of a few days typically instructions are given on delivering gentle/focal massage.

I tell all our breast augmentation patients to be patient, focus on our instructions, and try to keep heart rate under 100 bpm at least for the first three to four weeks from surgery. Typically I would like to see the majority of the swelling markedly diminished by the second to third week. We also emphasize plenty of fluids, and minimize salt intake. (Sergio P. Maggi, MD, Austin Plastic Surgeon)

Cup size and swelling after breast augmentation and lift

The majority of swelling after breast augmentation and lift usually goes away in the first 1-2 weeks. However, depending on your activity level and other factors, swelling can persist for longer. I tell patients to wait approximately 6 weeks to go shopping for their new bra size. Don’t forget – cup size varies by brand – so you may be a D in one brand and a C in another! (Bryan Correa, MD, The Woodlands Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Swelling After Breast Augmentation

Typically after any surgical procedure and this includes breast augmentation, the swelling worsens for the first 4-5 days. Swelling normally reaches it’s peek about day 5. From that point it usually takes about 6-8 weeks for 80% of the swelling to subside. The last 20% will take 2-3 more months. Initially, there is usually noticeable tightness of the breast tissue around the implant. This is a combination of swelling and the fact that the breast tissues are being stretched around a larger volume.

The tissue will stretch slowly but won’t be completely relaxed for about 4-6 months. Nevertheless, the breasts will start to look pretty good at about a month. At that time there has been enough decrease of the swelling and just a little softening so that the appearance is pretty good although they will not yet be completely soft.

Although these times seem long, it’s part of the natural healing process. The amount of swelling that happens immediately after surgery can be decreased by putting ice packs on the breasts as much as possible. This will also help with the discomfort from the surgery. Less swelling, less discomfort, quicker recovery. (Alexander G. Nein, MD, Portage Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling after Breast Augmentation Surgery

You should expect mild to moderate swelling in the first week following breast augmentation. In my practice I advise patients to anticipate a progressive change in the first month following surgery as swelling subsides and the tissues relax. It is very common to initially view your implants as surprisingly large and slightly high in position. Over time the tissues will relax, swelling will subside and the implants will settle into a more natural position.

It is important to have close follow-up with your surgeon throughout this period as occasionally displacement exercises or special bras/bands may need to be used to accelerate this process. It is typically safe to start bra shopping two months following surgery. (Scott D. Holley, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Cup size is one measure of breast augmentation that is difficult to predict. Swelling after breast augmentation surgery takes some time to resolve and I would not render final judgement on your cup size until 2 months have gone by (even if there is not much visible swelling).

Please remember that you may fit into a D cup of one brand , whereas you may be a C cup in another. Cup size is very variable. I have had patients who tell me “depending on the bra I am a B , a C or even a D! ”

As long as you are well proportioned and the implants have achieved what you want, then you can pretty much ignore the final size of the brand of bra you like. I have patients with similar builds with 325 cc implants who tell me they are 34 B and others with 325 cc implants who tell my they are D cups.

To the naked eye, both patients look about the same, but their bras fit differently. Good luck with the process of healing and check with your doctor with any questions you may have. Below is a link to information regarding recovery in breast augmentation. (Francisco Canales, MD, Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling and post surgical breast size

You are peak swelling between 5 and 7 days post surgery. Swelling after breast augmentation surgery will subside significantly by 2 weeks post, however your implants will still be high and in the process of settling into the pocket for a period of a few months (approximately 3 months)

I recommend that my patients choose a bra that they are comfortable in at 2 weeks post but not go crazy purchasing bras until I’ve seen them for their 3 month post op appointment. I also don’t focus on a particular cup size post augmentation.

I focus on how the size looks on the patients body. What is a C cup on the body, may fit into a D cup bra, depending on the style and brand. I ask my patients in the sizing process to focus on the size and the look that they like in the bra and the top provided.

You will find a bra that you like in multiple cup sizes due to the multi brands and styles. Focus on what looks good on you without a bra and give you the cleaveage and fullness you desire, the right bra will be found in the end.I hope this helps,Scott Harris, MD (Scott W. Harris, MD, Plano Plastic Surgeon)

When Does Swelling After Breast Augmentation Begin to Subside?

It usually takes 4-6 weeks for the majority of the swelling to subside. Swelling after breast augmentation surgery can persist for 3-4 months. (Jon E. Rast, MD, Kansas City Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling after breast augmentation can persist up to 4 months

I find that the majority of swelling is gone after a month even though some can persist for 3-4 months in some patients. Very small amounts of swelling after breast augmentation surgery can persist even longer but is usually not significant.

I would not get worried about your size until you have waited at least a month. Different surgical techniques can also have some differnces in swelling so be patient and listen to your surgeon. (Gary Hall, MD, Kansas City Plastic Surgeon)

Be patient, you are only 5 days from your surgery

There is always some degree of swelling with any invasive surgical procedure. In general, by day 5 thru 14, 90% or more of the swelling after breast augmentation surgery should have subsided.

Over the ensuing weeks, the residual swelling will slowly dissipate. Even though the breasts may appear large now, I would encourage you to give it time to allow the muscle and skin to settle, etc.

The final appearance of your breasts will not be seen until three to four months depending upon various factors. Continue your follow up with your plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns with him. (Stephen A. Goldstein, MD)

Your breasts will appear larger for about a week or so after the surgery.

This is due to tissue swelling and muscle spasm( if under the muscle).

Most of the swelling will be gone in 2-3 weeks and should be completely gone by 4-6 weeks.

I doubt you will be a D-cup when the swelling is resolved. (Douglas L. Gervais, MD, Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling After Breast Augmentation

Rest assured, you are definitely swollen 5 days after your surgery and can expect to have some degree of swelling for up to 2-3 months.

Don’t bother getting your bra sized before then as the swelling may still change your final size. Further, with regard to bra size, don’t focus too much on cup size as in reality all bra companies have differences in their cup sizing system.

What matters most is whether you like what you see in the mirror, not what cup size you are. (Brian Howard, MD, Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon)

Final results with breast augmentation

I tell my patients that their first impression after the bandages come off is that they are too big. After two or three months they think they are perfect. After six months, a lot of patients are back wanting to go larger. With that in mind, I tend to advise my patients to err on the bigger side. As for swelling, there are several things going on in the first week after surgery that contribute to your larger size.

The first is that the implants will tend to sit high on the chest. Some patients look perfect the first day out. Others may be very tight and look like they have their implants under their chin. I have not been able to figure out a pattern to this but it all settles out in the end.The second thing is that you have some swelling in your breast from the trauma to the tissues.

If I thumped your lip with my finger, it would swell up. The same thing happens with the breasts from the surgery trauma, just on a larger scale. It takes time for this swelling to subside. A third factor is that some doctors inject tumescent solution into the breast or under the chest muscle during the surgery. This is just fluid that helps decrease post-operative discomfort, keep bleeding/bruising down, and helps separate the muscle layers if it is placed under the chest muscle.

It takes some time for this fluid to be absorbed from your body as well. With all that in mind, I tell my patients not to look for their final results for about three months after their breast augmentation surgery. A final comment has to do with cup size. Bra manufacturers are all different. They don’t have standard cup sizes so no one can guarantee you a specific cup size. It all depends on where you buy your bras. All we can do is put you in the ballpark of what cup size you want to be. (Edwin C. Pound, III, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

The results of breast augmentation are not immediately apparent

The amount of swelling following breast augmentation will vary depending on the technique used for the procedure, along with the type and position of the implants. Often, much of what is viewed as “swelling” is temporary malposition of the implant.

In any event you will probably not have a good idea of your final size until 4-6 weeks following surgery. Even then you will have subtle changes to you breast and not see the “final” result for as long as six months. (Wayne I. Yamahata, MD, Sacramento Plastic Surgeon)

5 days after surgery is definately too soon to tell final size and shape. You will have a pretty good idea 4-6 weeks after surgery, however, you can still have minor changes such as positioning and softening of implants for several months. (Renato Saltz, MD, Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon)

When Does Swelling After Breast Augmentation Begin to Subside?

It’s too early to judge your size at five days. At this point your entire chest is swollen. However, swelling begins to subside on the second and third day, but it will be several months, probably 3-4, before all of the swelling has diminished. Cup sizes mean virtually nothing this soon after surgery. Be patient and you will most likely be elated. (E. Ronald Finger, MD, Savannah Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling and settling or just redistribution

It is normal to have some swelling after breast augmentation surgery, but much of what is perceived as swelling is actually some displacement of the implant contents. Implants placed under the muscle tend to be very tight on the bottom initially after surgery. This pushes some of the contents of the implant (silicone or saline) to the upper portion of the breasts. Over time, as this tissue stretches and relaxes, the implant material settles more into the lower aspect of the breasts.

This is often thought of as swelling going down or settling of the implant when if fact it is more of a redistribution of the implant material. This takes longer with larger implants, and, with your body size, 325cc implants are pretty large and you may wind up being a D cup. (James McMahan, MD, Columbus Plastic Surgeon)

Healing after breast augmentation

Everyone heals differently and the exact amount of time when you will stop swelling is impossible to know. Most women notice a significant decrease in swelling by the fourth week out of surgery. Even as the swelling goes down, the implants will need to settle before they in the correct position. Shopping for a bra in the first year will be a little complicated. Talk to your surgeon about your healing and your recovery so you know what to expect. (Joseph G. Bauer, MD, Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon)

Swelling and recovery after breast augmentation

Swelling after breast implant surgery is known as edema. Edema may persist in the acute setting for two to four weeks, and mildly in the chronic setting for up to 6 months. (Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)