Male Breast Enhancement

This is not a stupid title. No one offers to attach women’s breasts to men.

We are talking about something else – about the contour of athletic male breast, which many men want to have.

There is no doubt – the traditional way in the gym has not been canceled: the majority of people will be able to make athletic chest for a couple of months of intense weight lifting.

But unfortunately not all: often it happens that the exercise does not allow to get beautiful and strong chest.

And doctors come to the rescue in that case.

Essence of the male breast enlargement

Chest Implants For Males

Initially, male breast enhancement was developed for the treatment of those who due to injury or other illness, lost the pectoral muscles on one or both sides. Now, however, it is used in healthy patients – just at their request.

The breast enhancement for men is quite simple. The doctor takes a silicone implant, which is a very durable reservoir filled with cohesive gel, and through the small inconspicuous incision is placed under the pectoral muscle of the patient – the same one that bodybuilders and athletes want to “pump”.

Due to the high quality of the implant, its softness and elasticity, the operated chest is almost impossible to distinguish from the real “pumped”. The implant is selected individually for each patient, so that problems with inconsistency shape of the chest and other similar will not happen.

Breast Augmentation For Male

The implant is placed in a body depth between the muscles, and does not restrict any movements of the arms and torso.

The total cost of surgery on both sides of the chest with all expenditure, including the cost of implants and medical services – about $ 5,000.

Male breast enhancement photos

Here is male breast enlargement pictures. You are free to understand whether this method is that you really need, or not.

Limitations of breast augmentation for men

Male Chest Contouring

Breast enlargement for men has a few disadvantages. One of them – the fact that the implant does not recreate the “natural structure” of the chest muscles.

In other words, if you do this operation, your breasts will increase in size, as is the case with body builders, but hillocky sculpted muscles, alas, do not happen.

Actually, you already could see in the photos above. So, perhaps, you will need to slightly “pump up”, although, by and large, few people pay attention to the “lumpiness of muscles”

Among other potential problems worth mentioning:

  1. Male breast enlargement is accompanied by temporary inability to work within 1-2 weeks.
  2. Scarring After Male Breast Implants Surgery

  3. During male breast enhancement surgery there may be some complications (see them below).
  4. For correction of defects such as severe chest asymmetry, deformation of costal arches are required a special, custom-made implants and specialist’s work in the field of plastic surgery.
  5. There is a small risk of displacement of the implant, which is eliminated surgically.
  6. The implant will make beautiful chest, but it becomes elastic to the touch without muscle training.
  7. There is almost no complications after surgery if it is performed by a qualified surgeon.

Technique of surgery

Photo After Breast Augmentation Men

Before surgery is conducted a conversation with the patient, during which the surgeon will explain all the possible problems and peculiarities of the technology, as well as will tell you how to behave before and after surgery. And, of course, answer all your questions. You can also choose the desired breast shape of possible, and the surgeon during surgery uses an implant, that will create the desired shape.

Male breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. On each side of the body the surgeon makes a small incision near the armpit, and with the help of an endoscope creates a cavity between the major and minor pectoral muscles, normally ranging on each other and located in a special case of the connective tissue. Between these muscles, between these sheaths the implant is placed.

Photo After Male Breast Augmentation

Muscles are not separated from the ribs or sternum (as is done by inserting silicone implants in women), the whole body trauma during this surgery is reduced to skin incision and widening of the holders of the pectoral muscles, connected only by individual soft fibers. So we can say that the implant is inserted into the “natural sinus” of body without interfering with the blood flow, muscles movement, or any internal organs.

Breast implants for men are fixed in place with special seams – that they are do not shift.

Male breast enlargement takes 1-3 hours and ends with suturing incisions and applying a tight bandage around the entire chest. Before stitching, a large dose of anesthetic is placed in the sinus with the implant, so that the most “acute” period of wound healing, proves to be completely painless first 10-12 hours.

Pectoral Implants Results

If desired, the patient can go home immediately after the end of general anesthesia, but after surgery the patient must comply with bed rest during the day, and a pressure bandage should be worn for three weeks.

The condition and behavior after surgery

After surgery, the patient can go home immediately after the end of anesthesia, and comes to the doctor a few days later to remove the outer seams and dressings. Do not worry about the seams – somewhere in a month scars from incisions become barely visible.

If you work in an office, then you can start to work in full within 5-7 days. If your work is mostly connected with physical labor, the disability period will be a little more, but do not to exceed 3 weeks.

Pectoral Implants gone wrong

It will be impossible engaged in aerobics in a month from the day of male breast enhancement. Try to have low blood pressure the first 6 weeks after surgery, and, of course, do not have weight training or lifting weights within two months after breast enlargement.

The first week after surgery, it is desirable to sleep in a semi-sitting position, for example, leaning back on two or three large pillows. It is undesirable to lie within this period after the operation.

First time in the area of the cuts can be painful, so sometimes you have to take painkillers.

Photo of male chest implants

The standard period of complete recovery after surgery – six weeks. However, most patients forget about any problems and return to normal life for the month.

Possible complications after male breast enlargement

Of course, any surgery does not do without complications and problems. However, the implantation of breast implants rarely cause them. However – here is what can happen.

Implants can be displaced from the place where the doctor will put them. If the displacement small, you do not even notice if they “go” far, then you pay attention to some protruding collarbone in education or in the underarm area. Consult your doctor, and he will put in place the fugitives.

Photo Breasts For Men

Unfortunately, always possible infection of the surgical wound and its inflammation. If it still happens, the surgeon will have to remove the implant, then it is necessary to introduce intravenous antibiotics for some time.

Once the inflammation subsides, we have to wait for 6 months, and only then install the implant again. Unfortunately, all this time the chest will be slightly asymmetric (a second implant will remain in place).

However, the risk of inflammation – one case out of a hundred, and prevent it is quite possible.

Before And After Natural Male Breast enlargement

Also, in one case out of a hundred, is possible hemorrhage into the cavity with the implant, which manifests in a change of skin color in the area of the incision and soreness of pectoral muscle. Usually within a few weeks hematoma resolves itself, but on request it can be removed surgically.

In the cavity of the implant may accumulate tissue fluid. This is a normal reaction to surgery, and the liquid spontaneously resolves in a few days. If it persists, the surgeon can gently remove it with a fine needle under local anesthesia.

The most unpleasant complication – nerve damage, which is responsible for the sensitivity of the inside surface of the top of the shoulder. If it happens, in this area you will feel numbness.

Male Implants Chest

The sensitivity is restored within several months, although there were cases that it did not happen, however, patients are not particularly concerned about this situation – because the sensitivity in this area isn’t especially important for a normal life.

Removal of the implants

If for some reason you wish to remove the implants, because of pain, complications, or just according to your desire, it is done quickly and easily – even through the same incisions, through which they were installed. Terms of inability to work after removal several times less than after installation: after three or four days you you will completely forget that you once had the implants between the pectoral muscles.

Instructions for patients

Male Breast Enhancement Photos

Male breast enhancement has long been held in the leading medical centers in the US. Such instructions are given by a doctor to patients – before and after it.

Before surgery

  1. Stop physical work for 1-2 weeks prior to breast enlargement. It is not necessary, but if you continue to work, the post-operative period will pass less smoothly.
  2. The operation is performed under general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia with a special method of light general anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia method – depending on your wishes and the surgeon’s opinion. Narcotic effect fully goes in a half hours after the operation.
  3. Come on time or pre-warn the surgeon about the possible lateness or refusal from the surgery.
  4. Breast Augmentation For Men

  5. Stop smoking and alcohol intake for several weeks prior to surgery. It is especially important to stop smoking: If during pre-operative examination, the doctor will hear expressed wheezing in the lung, the surgeon can cancel the operation because of the risk of pneumonia.
  6. Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, or dietary supplements with seaweed at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. These drugs thin the blood and may cause bleeding during surgery or hematoma after it.
    During the preoperative consultation tell your doctor about the medicines that you take continuously and follow its instructions on changing the time and the order of their intake.
  7. If you have a tendency to bleeding, be sure to tell your doctor about it on preoperative consultation – he will appoint drugs to prevent bleeding.
  8. Perhaps, before the breast augmentation, you will need to pass some tests, including blood tests.
  9. Breast Enlargement For Men

  10. Do not eat or drink after midnight the day of breast enhancement.
  11. Within 3-4 weeks before surgery, take a daily vitamin C – it will speed up the healing of surgical wounds.
    If you catch a cold, feel an increase in temperature or a cough for a few days before the operation – immediately contact a doctor! It is impossible to carry out the operation during a cold, you will have to wait until complete recovery.
  12. Do not bring expensive things in the clinic – they will not be required.

After surgery:

  1. Warning. The effect of anesthesia will take approximately one and a half hours after the surgery. Go home and observe bed rest during the day, getting up except in a toilet. Lie in bed in a semi-sitting position, having enclosed under a back of 2-3 large pillows.
  2. Armpit Scars From Breast Augmentation

  3. It is highly desirable, that from the clinic you moved home accompanied by another person, the best by car. You are not allowed to drive a car yourself for a day after surgery!
  4. If the doctor on the pre-operative consultation or after surgery told you to take any drugs – carry out his instructions.
  5. After surgery, you will be bandaged. Do not remove it by yourself. The bandage will be removed by your doctor at your next visit to him.
  6. Come to the doctor after 2-3 days after surgery. Afterwards you will have to visit the doctor for monitoring your status on a weekly basis for a month, then – on the 6th week, after 3 and 6 months and one year after surgery.
  7. After surgery, put ice on the area of post-operative edema – it will help to disappear.
  8. You can take a shower the day after surgery, but be careful not to soak the bandage.
  9. The first time after the operation do not raise your hands above shoulder level!
  10. Do not load the pectoral muscles within 6 weeks after surgery.
  11. Do not expose the scars and surgery area to sunlight for 2-3 weeks in order to avoid burns. If you are going to sunbathe in the first 6 months after breast enlargement – use of burn relief cream.