Tips for recovering from breast augmentation operation

Recovery after breast implants can vary from patient to patient. I usually allow my patients to return to work in about a week. Light aerobic exercise in 3-4 weeks and heavy lifting and strenous workouts in 6-8 weeks. (Steven Wallach, MD, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

Sun exposure and weight lifting after breast implants.

You can start going to the beach within 3 weeks but you should avoid sun exposure with a high spf sunblock or sunscreen with a spf of 30. Actiivities are somewhat limited for 3 weeks wheeby they began to slowily provide increasing resistance over the ensuing months. (Otto Joseph Placik, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Recovery after breast implants resuming activity

Recovery after breast implants will depend on the details of the surgery decided on between you and the surgeon you select. Generally, restriction of upper body activity is very short with modern techniques for breast implants, but will be a bit longer if your implants are placed under your muscle than above, and if a simultaneous breast lift or reshaping is undertaken as well.

Individual surgeon preferences will also play a role, so the best thing to do is to first find a surgeon Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, and ask him/her what their preferences are for your activity. (Armando Soto, MD, FACS, Orlando Plastic Surgeon)

Most return to work one week after implants

Recovery after breast implants surgery

Almost all of our patients will return to work within a week after breast implants whether the implant is submuscular or subglandular. Unless your job involves lifting you shouldn’t have a problem with it. You may experience some soreness however it is unlikely that the activity of daily living will negatively impact your result, and really most can’t afford to take any more time away.

We place our patients is a snug conforming surgical bra and upper breast wrap which we keep inplace for two weeks. This keeps the implant still and dramatically reduces swelling and soreness. As far as the beach is concerned again one week should be fine, but you may do best by keeping the breast dry, clean water bathing only the first two weeks. Also the breast will be very sun sensative so use sun block and cover up before you are pink. (Peter E. Johnson, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

Resume activities 1-7 days after Breast implants

Recovery after breast implants activities

That depends somewhat on the exact procedure done and the exact nature of your work or the activities you plan to do. It also depends a lot on the method of doing the surgery. The only restriction we place is no vigorous activity for about 4-5 days and no jogging, diving or jumping into water, or other activity that markedly puts sideways pressure on the breasts for about a month.

We also do not want you driving as long as you are on strong anti-pain medication, but most of our patients are on Tylenol by the next day. The majority resumes most activities and work within 24-48 hours, and all resume them by a week. (Robert T. Buchanan, MD, Highlands Plastic Surgeon)

You can usually go back to daily living as soon as you feel up to it

Recovery after breast implants deskjob

With either sub muscular or sub mammary breast implants, you can resume your normal life activities when ever you feel up to it. That is usually 1-3 days. It is, however, important that you avoid heavy lifting, straining, or getting your pulse or blood pressure elevated for 2 weeks to minimize the possibility of developing a hematoma, a blood clot around the implant.

After 2 weeks you can resume normal exercise and lifting but should avoid trauma to your breast for 6-8 weeks. After that you should be able to return to sky diving, kick boxing etc. The recovery after breast implants is remarkably quick and usually not to painful. Under the muscle is a more painful operation but with local marcaine instillation and non steroidal medications and may be a little narcotic, the procedure is well tolerated. (Carl W. “Rick” Lentz III, MD, Orlando Plastic Surgeon)

Recovery after breast implants pictures

I ask all of my patients to avoid all activities that increase heart rate and BP to exercise levels for 2 weeks after surgery. This minimizes the risk of a delayed hematoma. I also restrict pec activities for 8 weeks until the pocket around the implant is mature. Your surgeon will have their own thoughts on this and will want you to follow them carefully. (Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Variable recovery after breast implants

Each surgeon has his or her own recovery regimen and this is also dependent on the technique of the surgery; subglandular technique general offer quicker recovery than submuscular. Most tell you to rest the arms for 4-7 days and not reseume strenuous or physical activity for 3 weers but this is certainly not uniforn. Most canr esume athletic activities in 4-6 weeks or even sooner but check with your specifc doctor and follow his or her instructions. (Robin T.W. Yuan, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)