Selecting the large size for breast augmentation

Size selection for breast augmentation

I would recommend spending a lot of extra time with your plastic surgeon discussing the look you want to achieve;

there are real limitations presented by a person’s specific anatomy and situation which may or may not limit the choice of implant; only one of the facors to be considered;

others being position of the nipple in relation to the inframammary fold, the elasticity of the tissue, the adequacy of the soft tissue, etc.

In other words, the process is not as simple as simply selecting a large “cc” size implant and hoping it will look good and give you the look you want.

650 cc breast implants scar

In my experience, really large implants ( and 650 cc breast implants are pretty large) often beget large problems- stretching out the skin and soft tissue, creating an unattractive drooping, etc. I am certainly sensitive to the patient’s desire to have a full projecting breast profile, but I would discuss this thoroughly with your surgeon utilizing pictures, sizing, etc. (Jerry Lugger, MD, Southlake Plastic Surgeon)

Are 650 cc implants too big?

Yes – they are going to look too big. Not sure of the look that you are trying to get but I think that they are going to look obviously very large and most likey they will eventually make you look heavy. We usually figure of a cup size to be 150-200 cc. So if you are already a B/C – well you can do the math. I would recommend going to Look through their database of doc photos.

650 cc breast implants picture

Search for someone beginning with your height and weight (most important). Find some women with breasts that look like yours and then pick a few that you like what they look like afterward. Check out the info that comes with it – it will tell you what size implant was used. I bet you will see a pattern. (Ronald Schuster, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)

Implant size

Without an exam it would be difficult to say what size implant would be right for you. I will say that 650 cc breast implants are very large. (Steven Wallach, MD, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

What size breast implants?

650 cc breast implants image

When discussing breast implant size, dimensions are more important than volume. The base width of your breasts, position of breasts on your chest, amount of extra skin to fill, your activity level, lifestyle, the look you want to achieve, and the amount of breast gland (pre surgical size) are all important in size selection. That being said, 650ml are large implants, especially, in my opinion, for a woman who is 5″5″ tall and starting out with B to C cup.

Your waist seems slightly shorter, and legs longer in your total proportion. My concern is that 650 ml implants will settle downward and encroach on the narrowness of your waist, making you look and feel fat. This is besides the skin stretching, cumbersone bulk to carry around everywhere, stretching of sensory nerves with ensuing loss of nipple sensation, problems finding clothing that fits, and the fact that such large breasts will divert attention away from what appears to be a pretty face. Consider visiting your surgeons’ office Tuesday, and trying on those 650cc implants in a non padded bra with a tight shirt, and answer the question for yourself. (Steve Laverson, MD, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

650cc too big?

650 cc breast implants after

Unfortunately, pregnancy and weight gain/loss do change the breast anatomy. I think it is important to separate your shape and size concerns. What cup size are you looking for? How do you want to look in your clothes? I would recommend that you try these implants on in front of a full length mirror before surgery. The most important point is to not place a larger than necessary implant with the hope of lifting or filling out your breast.

This will undoubtedly cause problems down the road. Large implants come with a myriad of problems. Implants can kiss together, fall into the armpit, or cause excessive sagging. Most of these problems are caused by the weight of the implant stretching the breast pocket. Bottomline, big implants can cause big problems. Once you find an appropriate sized implant, I believe you may need a breast lift to improve the overall shape. (Paul S. Gill, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Is 650cc Implants Too Big for Me?

650 cc breast implants photo

Great posted “personal” photos, but a frontal and side view of your breasts is what is needed. My guess is if you can handle the size than go ahead. Always best to fully understand the options well before your surgery day. Maybe go back to see your chosen operative surgeon to discuss your concerns. (Darryl J. Blinski, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

I’ve been at this for 37 years and I’ve learned that an “asset ” today can be a deficit tomorrow. With your history of child bearing, weight fluctuation and age I think that you will be back in the O.R to have an explant and a mastopexy before long.

Take 2 baggies and fill each with 650ccs. (22 ozs.) put them in your bra and walk around with them for a day. Bigger isn’t always better. Balance,equilibrium and harmony is. (Barry H. Dolich, MD, Bronx Plastic Surgeon)