Breast augmentation info

  • Breast Augmentation Sizes And Shapes
  • Breast implants – medical products, intended to be placed under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle in order to change the size and shape of the breast. Types of breast implants Modern plastic surgery…read more

  • Subpectoral Breast Implants
  • Subpectoral breast augmentation, characterized by a partial placement of the implant under the muscle, is very common in the US. With the sub pectoral method of breast augmentation, a breast implant is located below the chest…read more

  • Subfascial Breast Augmentation
  • In recent years, subfascial breast augmentation has become the most common plastic surgery among women in aesthetic surgery. Today there are many different approaches, places for implant placement, pockets, and there are many manufacturers that…read more

  • Male Breast Enhancement
  • This is not a stupid title. No one offers to attach women’s breasts to men. We are talking about something else – about the contour of athletic male breast, which many men want to have….read more

  • Breast augmentation gone wrong
  • Breast augmentation gone wrong – is complications and side effects of breast enlargement surgery, especially with the help of breast implants. Patients worried about the risk of complications, qualified plastic surgeon and postoperative problems. Of…read more

  • Pros and cons of periareolar incision during breast augmentation
  • Periareolar incision and Capsular Contracture Data would suggest that the chances of developing a capsular contracture are slightly higher when utilizing a periareolar incision. In my practice, the peri areolar incision is my preferred approach as…read more

  • Breast lift for drooping breasts what is it?
  • Implants will not lift you adequately You would only have a very ‘ugly’ looking results with larger and still droopy breasts. Accept the scars and get the lift and you are likely to be much…read more

  • Breast Lift And Augmentation 500cc
  • Changing the volume of an implant can be performed, but you may want to go with a different shaped implant to get the desired shape that you want. You also have to give yourself some times…read more

  • Infection after breast aug surgery
  • It is not normal to have redness and tenderness one month after a breast augmentation. Both of these symptoms are suggestive of infection. Your surgeon is probably trying to salvage the implant with the courses…read more

  • Tips for recovering from breast augmentation operation
  • Recovery after breast implants can vary from patient to patient. I usually allow my patients to return to work in about a week. Light aerobic exercise in 3-4 weeks and heavy lifting and strenous workouts in…read more

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